Providing Excellent Traffic Control Service To All

Bon’s Barricades Inc., is a State of Florida Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (D.B.E.) certified business thriving since 1983 and also certified in the State of Louisiana as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (D.B.E.) and a Small Business Enterprise (S.B.E.).

As the industry is ever changing due to State and Federal Regulations, Bon’s offers its customers the most modern technology in Temporary Maintenance of Traffic services. To name a few areas of our expertise, Bon’s provides equipment rentals and sales, Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) implementation and flagger operations to MOT drawings and submittals.

Our motto, “Providing Excellent Traffic Control Service To All,”  is our trademark, which is the driving force behind our superior service offered to our new and longstanding customers.

Are you looking for high quality and affordable Traffic Control for your next project?

Welcome to Bon’s Barricades

About Us

Bon’s Barricades, Inc. was founded in 1983 on the premise of Providing Excellent Service to All of its customers. It is currently owned by the Mr.  and Ms. Lara, who both have over 20 years of experience and had the vision to create a company that was not only competitive in the Maintenance of Traffic industry, but has the ability to provide the most sought after customer service, efficient and effective Management Service Plan available in the State of Florida. Bon’s has the respect of some of the most leading construction, special events and film companies in the industry.