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Since safety is a main concern in the Traffic Control Industry, Bon’s Barricades, Inc ensures that we are up to date with the new and latest standards as well as State-approved safety products for all our customers’ Maintenance of Traffic and Traffic and Event Management needs. We specialize in providing the following:

Orange and White Color Barricades

Barricades: Type  II  as per Department of Transportation (DOT) specs

An Orange and White Color Barricades Bars

Barricades: Type  III  as per Department of Transportation (DOT) specs

An Orange Color Cylinder With a Number Labeled

Safety Drums

Red and Yellow Color Crowd Control Barricases

Crowd Control Barricades- Plastic

Crowd Control Barricades in Metal Piles at a Side

Crowd Control Barricades- Metal

Longitudinal Channelizing Devices With Orange Stripes

LCD – Longitudinal Channelizing Devices

A Road Safety Cone in Orange Color With Silver Taping

Safety Cones

A Road Work Ahead Sign on a Board

Advanced Warning Work Zone Signs

A Road Closed Sign on a White Board

Regulatory Signs

A Red Airport Lights on a Yellow Frame

Red Airport Lights

The Side of a Traffic Light on a Surface

Type A & C Barricade Lights

Type B Hi Intensity Lights in Yellow Color

Type B Hi Intensity Lights

Water Filled Barrier Walls in Orange and White

Water Filled Barrier Walls

Concrete Jersey Barrier Wall in Grey Color

Concrete Jersey Barrier Walls

Tubular Channelizers in Orange With Silver Rings

Tubular Channelizers

A Speed Limit Board With a Display

Motorist Awareness System / (MAS)

An Orange Color Pole With an Orange Net

Orange Safety Fence

A Direction Indicating Display on a Stand

Target Arrow Boards

A Workers Ahead Sign on a Display Unit

Variable Message Boards / PCMS Portable Changeable Message Signs

Excavator Machines With a BB Logo in Red Color

Crash Cushion Attenuator Truck

An Orange Color Flag on a Wooden Stick

Safety Flags

White Color Sand Filling Bags With Strings

Sand Bags – Empty

Truck Mount Attenuators in Grey Color

TMA – Truck Mount Attenuators

Airport Runway X Closure Markers

Airport Runway “X” Closure Markers